31 July, 2011

Just Two

Firstly I want to thank Lisa from Lou Lou Handmade Children’s Fashion & Gifts as my inspiration to write this, which when I think about it, is my first ever proper blog entry.  Thanks Lisa for giving me the courage - I think!

I was reading Lisa’s last blog entry yesterday here and it got me thinking that in all the rushing and  juggling a part-time job, the day-to-day chores with 4 young children, studying a Diploma, and a new business venture how often is my own ‘cup full’ and how often do I really appreciate the simple things around me.

Until now my blog has been used only for giveaways, but I have always intended to use it for other more personal insights too.

I suffer from major blog insecurity – what to write about, what will other’s think, you know the whole issue of putting your thoughts out there for all to read and form opinions.   So today I am stepping outside of my comfort zone in a huge way and getting this blog thing happening - please be kind!

I am going to share a simple but really lovely morning I shared with my two youngest children today.  As a family my husband and I often get caught up in the whole ‘it’s too difficult’ mindset when trying to do things with the kids.  It is getting easier as they get older but still most of the time unfortunately no matter what family activity we choose there is normally one child that will ruin it for the other three.

So today when we found ourselves presented with a rare morning of having just the younger two at home we thought the odds may be in our favour of everyone having a good time.

One of my favourite spots where we live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, is Alexandra Headland.  The path along the beachfront is great for the kids to ride their bikes and you can follow it right down to the Mooloolaba spit.   

We took their bikes so after a huge ride we explored some of the rock pools where they could find little ‘sea animals’.  The Alex Surf Club boasts an outside cafĂ© right on the beachfront and is a great spot to have breakfast or brunch if you are lucky enough to get a sleep in.

We sat on the grass and had a coffee and something to eat while the kids had a play on the playground with some other children.  Before heading back home we gave the them a turn on the ramps at the skate park and they loved watching the ‘cool’ big kids.

It was a really enjoyable morning in such a beautiful place, and yes they both had a fabulous time.


Kirsten said...

I was exactly the same as you when I started blogging...fretting about what to write about, what will others think of it etc etc...but I'm so glad I took the leap and actually started...it's a great creative outlet and so far I've had nothing but positive feedback (I think the party blogging world is much kinder than other bloggy types). So congrats on taking the leap, and for what it's worth, I thought your first post was just lovely x

Tanya- Lifes little celebrations said...

Lovely post Amanda! I am sure most bloggers feel the same.
I felt the same even though I wasn't writing personal blog posts but it can still be
Hard at first.

Sounds like you had a really great day with your youngest 2. Thanks so much
For sharing. I look forward to reading more :)

Amber - Mollydag Made said...

Welcome to the blogging world Amanada! It seems I'm not alone in the way I see blogging - it sure can be intimidating, particularly if (like me) you are an avid follower of such lovely blogs with HUGE following. I went through a blog crisis a while back but I finally took a deep breath and remembered why I blogged in the first place (http://mollydagmade.blogspot.com/2011/03/sense-of-relief.html).
I'm terribly intermittent, I don't care about stats, readership, followers and the like - I write only for myself and for my sister.
I hope you love your new platform. I know I'll be on the lookout for the next post.
Amber XX

Wende - Design-a-Cupcake Party said...

I have never written a blog and would love to sometime soon... but I have grown up children and I know that it is mornings like the one you had today have stayed with my sons and are often spoken about with love and fabulous memories. The time since they were little until now they are in their late 20's and early 30's has gone so fast, I'm glad we got to enjoy plenty of simple times .... thank you so much for sharing Amanda.
Wende xx

littleloulou said...

Thank you gorgeous! I love your first blog and you pictures make me little home sick! Here's to more cup filling days to come xx

Sill said...

What a lovely morning ;) - and I too think it was a lovely blog post, well done xx

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