18 December, 2011

'Christmas Giveaway Winner'

It is now time to announce the winner in our Christmas Giveaway.  Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter - sharing your personal experiences and memories so openly. Those that know me well will agree I tend to be a tad over-emotional so reading all of your lovely entries brought a tear to my eye!

I have decided to offer 2 prizes.  The first is the original gift of the Tocca candle, the Pip Studio notebook and the High Tea cook book.  The winner of this is Kristy Stark.  Thank you and congratulations Kristy - your comments brought back memories of my mischievous sister and I when we were little!

The second winner is Kym Bozzoli - thank you Kym.  Your comments reminded me again of how lucky I am to have all of my family around to share my Christmas with.  I would love to send you a prize also.  If you could contact me we can chat about what you may like.

Thank you once again everyone.

May you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas surrounded by friends and family and loads of champagne....


Mandy Wilmen said...

Congratulations ladies! Thank you Amanda for letting me share my own Christmas stories & reading about other peoples. Merry Christmas xx

Kym Bozzoli said...

What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much Amanda for this lovely opportunity to share some treasured thoughts and memories! I loved reading everybody's responses! It's funny how so many people have similar traditions. But what I love is that everyone feels a deep need to carry those traditions on to new generations! Merry Christmas!

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